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We empower human resource professionals, federal agencies and K-12 educators in the U.S. and worldwide to stay on top of the latest legal compliance and workplace technology solutions by providing unparalleled training and professional development across media.

We take pride in helping professionals
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  • Be better managers
  • Stay in legal compliance
  • Advance staff development
  • Improve student outcomes
LRP Media Group, founded in 1977 by Kenneth Kahn, is an innovative media giant serving business and education professionals worldwide. Specializing in education administration, education law and federal employment, LRP publishes thousands of books, pamphlets, newsletters, videos, webinars and eLearning courses. LRP also offers cyberFEDs® , the authoritative, objective online resource that tens of thousands of federal professionals rely on, and Special Ed Connection® , the go-to online resource for guidance on special education challenges. Additionally, LRP has delivered top-quality compliance training and professional development for 45 years through its long-running conferences, National Institute on Legal Issues of Educating Individuals with Disabilities® and FDR Training. LRP currently employs more than 100 professionals across the U.S. Headquartered in Palm Beach County since 1996, the company has more than $40 million in annual revenue.
Ken Kahn

“Our employees are our most valuable asset.”

- Ken Kahn, President & Founder,
LRP Media Group


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